You'll be learning a lot of new information in this course. So I'll be using learning techniques to help you send this material deep into your long-term memory, so you'll remember the material forever.

Quizzes are one way of doing that. Quizzes work because they exercise your recall. The more you practice recall of the information, the longer you'll remember it. It also helps to struggle a little bit with the recall, which is why I sometimes don't give you the answer immediately and make you go back to the material.

Pre-quizzes are also a powerful way to cement the information in your mind. When I ask you a cold question and make you guess about a topic you probably don't know anything about, this primes your mind for learning the new material.

I'll also give you mnemonic devices to remember key points. They usually involve using vivid, deliberately ridiculous or over-the-top imagery to create pictures out of concepts and data points. They're fun, and they work!

So here's your mnemonic for this first section: imagine there is a very big, very STRONG gorilla (strength), and he's wrapped in a big red bow because he's a PRESENT to you (presence), which is making him very WARM (warmth) so he's sweating like crazy. And he's wearing a big red VISOR to match the red bow (visual channel) to keep the sun out. But he's getting so damn hot that he grabs a microphone and gets VOCAL about it, and there's a lot of REVERB (verbal channel), which is kinda of appropriate for a singing gorilla, because it's makes it that much scarier and more ridiculous.

Great! Now close your eyes, and come up with all the various parts of the image that allow you to come up with Strength, Warmth and Presence through the Visual, Vocal and Verbal channels. PRACTICE RECALL!

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